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Clear Glass Straws are available in 2 styles

Clear Glass Straws are available in 2 styles

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The clear glass straws are processed from food grade borosilicate glass. They can withstand high temperature and low temperature resistance.  You can enjoy hot and cold drinks.  The straws can be used in freezer and dishwasher, or otherwise can be cleaned with brushes.

Easy to use and clean.

The straws are cleaned in a dishwasher or with brushes.  The straws are suitable for a variety of cold drinks and hot drinks including smoothies, soft drinks, iced lattes, cocktails, hot chocolate and juices just to mention a few.

Clear Glass straws are sold individually.

Please be aware even though these straws are made by borosilicate glass. It still can be broken if dropping on the floor. If straws broke into pieces please clean they immediately and keep them away from children and pets.

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