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White Beach Co.

“You Got This” motivational & Inspiring Quote Candle

“You Got This” motivational & Inspiring Quote Candle

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"You Got This" candle by White Beach Co. is the perfect companion to help you stay motivated and inspired. Hand-poured with high-quality soy wax and infused with a refreshing blend of citrus with lemongrass, this candle offers a fresh and uplifting scent that can help you to stay focused and energized throughout the day.

With a burn time of up to 18 hours, this candle is long-lasting and provides a consistent fragrance that fills any room. Its minimalist design with a clear glass jar and simple label makes it a stylish addition to any space, whether you're working from home or unwinding after a long day.

Light "You Got This" candle and let the refreshing scent help you stay motivated, focused and inspired to tackle whatever challenges come your way.

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