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Dried Spear Palm ~ Pink

Dried Spear Palm ~ Pink

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Our beautiful dried spear palm look amazing with other dried and preserved flowers or style individually own.

Length: 20-30cm 

Each spear is unique,  The shape and size will vary in length and width.

Sold as 2 stems. Chosen by random.


No watering or maintenance required.


As flowers are a natural product there may be variations to the reference images used on this website for any flowers you may order. 


Preserved and Dried stems are delicate, there can be a little shedding during shipping and styling.


Life span is 7 years or more.



1. Keep out of direct sunlight. Light may cause colour variation and fading.

2. No water is required.

3. Keep in a dry and cool spot in the home as humidity may cause discolouration.

4. Do not expose your dried flowers directly to air conditioning or heating vents.

5. Make sure you enjoy your new everlasting beauties.


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